Friday, February 25, 2011

Not Me now!

...We are the Perfect Two!---- Auburn
I Like this singer so much! She really sexy, and she has a nice voice!
I think, I didn't write my Blog for a year... Finally, I have time to write it again.

Sometime, I think, My friend start avoid me, They leave me alone...
Never mind. The horoscope told me that because I'm a good person, and other people scare of my goodness...
So this year, I swear, I wanna be a bad guy!
I don't want take good care of people anymore! I don't want to be kind to another people.
Because I want friends.
Please, I'm bitch!
I always right!
I wanna love someone too!
These things come around me this time.
I have no more friends,
I become alone.
Go ahead.
I should be alone.
I'm not the one I know this time,
I'm the one who don't know who am I.

Everything must have to stop right now!

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